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RacingLine Performance.

RacingLine has genuine history…and with that history comes experience, knowledge and technical prowess.


A unique approach, from which our Performance Parts and Software range was born. Taking a motorsport engineer’s mentality of crafting the very best upgrade possible: ultimate function, ultimate form.


Our upgrades are sold the world over for Volkswagen Group’s performance cars. Whether our customers’ tastes are for light modifications to their daily-driven car, or extreme upgrades to double the power on a track-focussed car, the RacingLine Performance range delivers.

Performance Parts.

Our extensive range of Performance Parts hardware delivers full-car tuning solutions. All engineered alongside one another, to work in perfect harmony.


Performance Software.

To support our world-renowned Performance Parts range comes our latest development: our OEM+ Performance Software. 

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RacingLine was born in the white-heat of international 'works' motorsport - as Volkswagen Motorsport.

And that discipline has shaped all that we do. 

Bringing the approach of manufacturer motorsport to our RacingLine Performance range is our inspiration, day in, day out.

Intake Technology



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Our philosophy.

Forever at the forefront of performance automotive.


All of our products are proven in the world's toughest development lab: motorsport. We push the limits and reach new heights on track; then refine our products to give customers the performance they demand on the road.

But before we even get to that stage, we engage the very same development philosophies as the OEM manufacturers do.


It's the hard hours that we put in to refining CAD designs, exploring CFD analyses, then proving it all out on the dyno, road and track that makes the RacingLine difference. Nothing gets through that doesn't hit or exceed manufacturer standards. 

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RacingLine's Performance Parts and Software range is sold the world over.


Every global market that has performance Volkswagen Group product is represented by one of our trusted family of importers and dealers.

We couldn't do what we do without them.

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