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RacingLine Ltd provides event management services and performance automotive parts to a global customer base. RacingLine Ltd has developed its expertise for the last 20 years and its aim is to deliver exceptional bespoke events to automotive clients alongside the design and development of market leading automotive performance parts.

The organisation’s top management are fully committed to the development, implementation, and continual management of the quality management system. The management team will ensure the processes and standards are shared amongst the company and are communicated, understood and applied throughout. The management team will ensure the roles and responsibilities are correctly delegated throughout the business ensuring the process outputs are achieved.


  • Effectively developing all employees’ talents and competence. 

  • Continuously improving by offering training and knowledge sharing. 

  • Striving to achieve total customer satisfaction.



  • Tracking KPI’s through internal evaluation and reporting.

  • Monitoring customer feedback and taking appropriate actions where necessary.

  • Requiring commitment from suppliers and other partners to apply to same principles.



  • Establishing robust processes to continuously deliver products/services on time with the aim of achieving zero defects and issues.

  • Establishing and continuously improving our quality systems that align with customer requirements alongside ISO9001.



  • Ensuring health and safety legislation is always met to cover event management services, performance parts and the working environment.

  • Ensuring correct certification and legalities are applied to all performance related products.


Quality Objectives

  • Customer satisfaction, customer service, after sales support and post event support with the aim of continually improving customer satisfaction.

  • Employee satisfaction. 

  • High standard of products and services delivered including continuous development of products and services to meet the demands of the customer.

  • Exceptional delivery of onsite events.

  • Correctly and appropriately trained staff.

  • Continual focus on sales growth throughout the business.

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