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Motorsport Management.

It's where it all began for RacingLine.

 Motorsport Management is undoubtedly a specialised skill. For whilst there are numerous race teams out there, plus many promotional, organisational, logistical and sponsorship agencies competing for business, there are few that can combine all of these talents under one roof to meet manufacturer expectations, whatever they may be.

We bring this full outsource service to our manufacturer clients. Commercially aware, cost effective and fun. But above all, exploitable for our partners. 

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British Formula 4

RacingLine have operated the UK version of the FIA's F4 single-seater concept since it's inception with Ford Performance, the FIA and the MSA. Discovering the F1 stars of the future.

Volkswagen Racing

It's how RacingLine started. For a decade and a half, we've been operating the Volkswagen Racing programme in the UK - whether rally or race.

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A motorsport programme does not become a commercial one until a full package of exploitation and activation is built around it. 

That's where the magic comes alive. Let RacingLine help extract the true value.

CLIENT: Bentley
CLIENT: VW Commercial Vehicles
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We love a challenge..

Combine RacingLine's engineering skills, our motorsport experience and our manufacturer exploitation work. 

What you get is a uniquely placed one-stop-shop service to help our manufacturer clients to develop those unusual, unique, challenging automotive technical projects.

We've got a selection of world-firsts, and a handful of World Records to prove it. And a lifetime of exciting memories.

Whether mundane or world-beating, RacingLine is the organisation to call to take on an automotive consultation. The more unusual, the better.

CLIENT : Skoda
CLIENT: British GT

Specialised Experiences

Our motorsport understanding means that we know how to deliver simply the best track events for our manufacturer clients. It's our 'sweet spot'.


Our engineering and motorsport pedigree enables us to understand – and bring out the best of - vehicle features and benefits. Designing the correct experience to suit that vehicle, driver and brand message is a key RacingLine skill.


Commercially aware, safe, cost effective and fun. But above all, exploitable for our partners. 

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